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The study of Science stimulates children's natural curiosity about the World God has created.

At St. Thomas a Becket Catholic Primary school we foster that curiosity and we aim to deliver a curriculum that will develop their interest and enthusiasm for Science through-out their time in our school and beyond.

The content of our Science curriculum is brought to life through hands on exploration and observations that make the children question and deepen their understanding of scientific concepts and processes. We are keen to teach them how to be investigators; to understand the process and the purpose of Scientific enquiry. They are helped to understand that scientific knowledge relies on evidence and this evidence can be obtained in a variety of ways.

In each topic children are encouraged to ask their own questions; to plan and make decisions about how they will conduct investigations, recognising there are different ways in which to find answers. They explore, make predictions, problem solve, make observations and measurements and with encouragement think critically about their findings. As they progress through the school they become increasingly independent in investigating. They develop resilience as they discover some of the challenges of working practically. All children are given the opportunity to communicate their findings in a variety of ways.

Children are taught Scientific vocabulary in each topic and as this builds up through the unit of work they are encouraged to use correct terms to describe their findings and explain processes and concepts.

Children are made aware of the uses and impact of Science on our everyday lives through the topics we study. Health and safety issues are also addressed with children.

We are keen to foster in them a concern and active care for our environment. We share with them some of the discoveries made by famous Scientists in the past and show them the roles and jobs Scientists have in our society today.

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