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Admissions Policies

For admission to Reception in September 2021 the deadline is 15th January 2021.

To apply for your child to attend St Thomas a Becket Catholic Primary School you must,

by 15th January 2021:

  • Apply online at;  www.eastsussex.gov.uk/admissions
  • Complete and return (to the school office) the St Thomas a Becket Catholic Primary School ‘Supplementary Information Form’ (SIF) here with all the relevant documentation eg. Certificate of baptism.

Primary Admissions Policy 2021-2022

Due to the current situation with Covid affecting church attendance, we have issued the following statement:

St Thomas a Becket Catholic Primary School 2021/22 Admissions:

The governing body of St Thomas a Becket Catholic Primary School Eastbourne, has agreed the following statement in order to clarify how its faith-based oversubscription criteria for Catholic applicants will be interpreted whilst churches have been closed or attendance at church is unsafe due to COVID-19.

If a parent/carer attended a given Catholic church prior to the closing of churches for public worship, then where a parent/carer has not subsequently attended worship at a given Catholic church for a given period a parent/carer will be considered to have attended worship at that church for that period where one or more of the following apply:

a)    the church was closed for public worship;

b)    the Sunday obligation remains suspended;

c)  by returning to church the parent/carer would not be taking account of government guidance effective at the time concerning shielding and protecting persons either moderately or extremely clinically vulnerable to COVID-19. The definition of shielding, if needed, is on the link: -


In Year Applications

Primary Admissions Policy 2020-2021

Primary Admissions Supplementary Form 2020-2021



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